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Small garden at Uronza

managed only by
the landlord,
please understand that

the service is

not always perfect.
Please pardon me.

Thank you.

The URONZA landlord

We are sorry,

we don't do services like a hotel.

You can experience a traditional house that
Kyoto people have lived in more than 120 years.

Our guest house is for people who want to spend time calmly.

We hope you will feel the harmony
through the wisdom of the traditional construction, the technique,
the warmth of the timber, the mud,

enjoy your stay in a Kyo-machiya.

We have many rules, 
because this is a special and old traditional house. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Please note

Please treat a traditional house carefully.

Please walk gingerly

inside of a house.

For people who want to spend time calmly.

No smoking.

Keep fire away.

Eating and drinking is available

 only in the common room.

Please be reminded

No soundproofing.

No air-conditioner.

In winter, we provide heater.

But traditional Japanese houses can be cold and drafty during
winter time! Please bring warm clothes.

No lock in each room.

Not barrier-free.

In summer, we provide electric fans for cooling.

But heat and mosquitoes are a problem

in the hot summer months!



4,000yen/person/nightCash payment : Best rates 
  4,200yen/night/person ( If you wan to pay in Credit card )

Single Tatami Room ​
4,000 yen (Cash payment) 

Single Bed Room  

4,000 yen (Cash payment)  

2 persons Tatami Room  

8,000 yen (Cash payment)  

Reception open

8:00 am ~ noon / 4:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm

Check-in time : 4:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm

  • If your check-in is later than 9pm, please contact us in advance. You have to pay extra charge (30 minutes; 500 yen/person) for check-in from 9pm to 10pm.

  • All guests must fill in a registration card.

  • All guests must check in within the check in time.

  • We require your passport to make a photocopy (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare regulations).

Check-out Time : ~ 11:00 am


  • Please pay all  in cash when you check-in (Best rates).

  • All Tax (Value Added Tax 10% & Accommodation Tax 200yen) included in Room Fee (Cash payment only).

  • Booking from this site is the cheapest (Cash payment is best rates).

Lock-out hours : noon ~ 4:00 pm

  • Everything is closed during Lock-out hours.

  • You can not leave or access your luggage.

  • Keep out Uronza during Lock-out hours, please.

No curfew

  • There is no-curfew after your check-in.

  • When you come back URONZA after 10pm, please keep quiet.

Cleaning Time : 10:00 am ~

  • We clean all rooms, also rooms guests are using.

Luggage storage Service

  • Please do not come URONZA during from noon to 4pm. When you need to leave luggage before check-in, please inform us at make your booking, and arrive in between 8am to noon.

  • After check-out, we keep your luggage till 9pm. We don't luggage storage service after check-out when URONZA holiday.

  • You can not leave or access your luggage during Lock-out hours (noon~4pm).

Lost property

  • We keep items who left behind for 2 weeks.
  • If you would like us to send your item, please pay the postage.



The building of URONZA has been registered as a cultural property of Japan.

Uronza is "Kyo-machiya"

A Kyo-machiya is a traditional Kyoto-style house,

which is built with traditional construction methods.
Entering Uronza,

most people feel a sort of nostalgia,

the feeling we usually have about the dear old home. 



Tea ceremony  /  Zen meditation

You can experience the chanoyu (tea ceremony) in the tea room from 8:00am to 9:00am. 
(But I'm sorry, I don't do busy days. Please ask us.)


If you are interested in tea ceremony lesson or just want to drink green tea (Matcha), please ask by mail.
Please make a reservation by 2 days before or more. 
The charge is 1,500yen 〜 2,000yen (with Japanese sweets).

Please join and enjoy Japanese traditional culture. 
URONZA Landlord

Chanoyu (tea ceremony)

Time     : 8:00am~9:00am 
Fee       : 1,500 yen (just drink)

              2,000 yen (Tea ceremony lesson)
Booking: Booking required 2days in advance

Zen meditation

Time        : Pease ask 
Fee          : Free (your time)
Booking   : Please ask






From Shijo-Horikawa bus stop (city bus No.9, 50, 101 ) to URONZA

From Shijo-Horikawa bus stop (city bus No.26) to URONZA

From Shijo Sta. (Kyoto City Subway Karasuma Line). to URONZA

From Omiya Sta.​ (Hankyu Kyoto Line) to URONZA

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